About me: 

I am working as an Assistant Professor at Iowa State University since January 2016. I am a Computational Linguist and I work in the Department of English as a part of the Applied Linguistics and Technology program

I am primarily interested in finding solutions to problems at the intersection between Natural Language Processing and Education. More broadly, I am interested in multi lingual computing, text classification, and application of machine learning methods to process text. I code in Java and Python, and occasionally in R. 

Contact Information

Room 331, Ross Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, USA. 

email: my first name @ iastate.edu 


*(New!) I will be giving a talk on NLP with Python in the Mid-west big data summer school in May 2018!

*(New!) Ziwei Zhou and I presented at the Language Assessment Research Conference (LARC), March 2018 about our work on automated scoring of non-native English Speech. The slides are here More details and code will be uploaded soon!

*(New!) My article "Machine Learning and Applied Linguistics" is accepted for publication in the Encyclopaedia of Applied Linguistics! (pre-peer-reviewed version)


I currently work on:

a) Neural question generation (with Sonal Garg, Masters student in Computer Science at ISU)

b) Modeling and visualizing the written and spoken language of English learners (with Liberato Silva dos Santos and Ros Hirch, and Ziwei Zhou, graduate students at ISU)

c) Automatic readability assessment and related topics (with Ivana Lucic, graduate research assistant at ISU; Thomas François and Anaïs Tack at UC Louvain, Belgium; Reading Demands project team in Tübingen, Germany)

d) Developing language resources and exploring the applications of Universal Dependencies framework, with Taraka Rama, University of Oslo, Norway

e) Discourse analysis and automatic information extraction from scientific research articles (with Raghul Ethiraj, graduate research assistant and Automated Functional Language Extraction (AFLEX) project team at ISU)

More on current research here.

google scholar profile 


I teach courses related to introductory programming, data science, and both introductory and advanced natural language processing for undergrad and grad students coming from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. Additionally, I also teach on Technical Communication for engineering students.

current teaching: Spring 2018:

For past teaching, click here.

Other Stuff

* My blog on Github pages about research, teaching, readings about recent research etc.  

* The other (bilingual) blog which I started in 2006 when I was relatively lightheaded than now!